Passport to Peoplehood

Passport to Peoplehood (P2P) is an new educational resource that strengthens Jewish identity by expanding awareness of the racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity of Jews around the world. P2P focuses on learning about Jewish communities around the world through history and traditions. P2P features the art, dance, music, and cooking that distinguishes each unique culture, as well as emphasizing the shared values that connect all Jews.

The Jewish people have lived around the world for millennia, yet educational tools rarely reflect this rich diversity. P2P highlights inclusion, diversity and connection as essential to Judaism, providing basic building blocks for not only instilling Jewish pride and values, but also gaining cultural competence in an increasingly diverse Jewish community.


Test your knowledge of Jewish geography and history with Be’chol Lashon’s educational resources.


Find delicious recipes from across the Jewish world.


By engaging the individual experiences of participants as well as the Jewish narratives and traditions of diversity, Passport to Peoplehood™ channels this need for connectivity and diversity toward building a more robust Jewish future.

“We were extremely fortunate to be able to partner with Be’chol Lashon to explore Passport to Peoplehood with our students and families. Through their educators, curriculum and resources, we were able to introduce programming that took our students beyond the confines of their own communities, to experience hands on learning that opened their hearts and minds to the many faces of the Jewish people. Our students arrived at new realizations about themselves and Jewish people all over the world.”

—Debby Arzt-Mor, Director of Jewish Learning, The Brandeis School