Alternative Spring Break Trips

Adventure, Service & Engagement with Diverse Jews

Be’chol Lashon Travel offers trips to Latin America, Africa and beyond, combining adventure, service and engagement with diverse Jewish cultures. Alternative Spring Break trips offer students the unique opportunity to visit, learn about and interact with Jewish communities in Colombia, Guatemala, Ecuador, Panama, Uganda…and more!

In addition to sharing local culture and natural beauty, Be’chol Lashon trips are designed to strengthen Jewish identity for both students and host communities. Be’chol Lashon has fostered relationships with diverse Jewish community leaders around the world for over a decade, ensuring a warm welcome and unparalleled opportunities for service learning and tikkun olam.

Pining for adventure? Looking for sun, surf, and new frontiers? Ready to engage with distinctive Jewish communities? Join us for an adventure to Latin America. —Aryeh WeinbergTravel_Aryeh_Weinberg


Bordered by Panama, Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Peru is Colombia, a South American country almost twice the size of Texas. The first Jews to arrive in Colombia did so in the 16th and 17th centuries.


Panama is bordered by Costa Rica, Colombia, the Caribbean Sea, and the Pacific Ocean. The first Jews to settle in Panama were Spanish and Portuguese conversos that fled the Inquisition in their respective home countries.


With a population of almost 16 million people, Guatemala is the most populous country in Central America. Though the first Jews in Guatemala were those fleeing the Spanish Inquisition, the origins of Guatemala’s present Jewish communities date back to German immigration in the 19th century.


Be’chol Lashon Travel provides a vision of Judaism that is aligned with a contemporary contemporary global perspective of the world. The trips highlight inclusion, diversity and connection as hallmarks of Judaism, instilling Jewish pride and gaining cultural competence, the ability to easily navigate different cultural spaces.


Be’chol Lashon works closely with Hillels and partners on the ground to develop travel options that provide immersive cultural experiences with local Jewish communities, meaningful community service opportunities…and tons of fun!